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Pre-settlement Injury Funding

In this capacity, we provide non-recourse pre-settlement funding for personal injury cases,
including motor vehicle accidents, slip-and-fall cases and more. Our straightforward transparent approach sets us apart in our ability to consistently meet the individual and immediate cash flow needs of our clients during these stressful times.

Fee Structure

Our fee percentages are determined by the duration of the case, which we categorize in three-month increments as follows:

25% of the principle funded amount if the case is settled in less than 3 months.
50% for 3-6 months.
75% for 6-9 months.
100% for 12 months or longer (with interest capped out at the year mark).

Pre-settlement Funding Made Easy

Cases can take longer to settle than you have to wait.
We can provide you pre-settlement funding to help you get back on track.

Apply online or call us
 (844) 352-2274.

Our staff will work
with your attorney to
retain case documentation

The review will takes
about 24 – 48 hours.

Once advance
has been approved,
funds are released.

Call us toll-free now at (844) 352-2274

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